flexible LED curtain, soft LED display for portable, moble stage, DJ lighting and advertisement

mobile stage, music tour

flexible LED curtain

soft LED display is a dynamic drapery based on advanced LED illumination technologies and control sytems.

Made of high-quality drapery
the face marterial of soft LED display is a kind of synthetic dynamic fabric on which there is a layer of ruber which is waterproof, fire retartant, durable and wrinkle resistant. Ideal for outdoor venues and high humidity climates, and because it doesn’t hold wrinkles, it’s great for touring shows. 
Designed for easy transport and simple setup

soft LED display is lightweight unit that fits in a single road case. The power/data supplies and controllers are also cleanly integrated into compact road cases ready to plug and play.  It already have past CE, FCC, RHos and fire and safty certificate.



for pitch 20mm LED curtain, it is just 7.8kgs per square meter.
80% transport cost saving;
13 square meters ( 4 pieces of 1.28×2.56m) of pitch 20mm LED curtain can be put in one flight case, the flight case dimension with wheel is 137 cm length x 70 cm width x 85 cm height ( totally 0.8 CBM), you can transport and move the flight case easily.
80% installation time saving;
( just need to hang the LED curtain on the wall or on the truss, without any frame or cabinet).
We develop this kind of product mainly applying to portable and mobile stage lighting, TV studio, concert, night bar, disco hall and advertisement.
80% weight saving;


the characteristic is as below,
1. SMD RGB 3-in-1LED, small, bright and colorful, can display clear and smooth image;
2. Soft and flexible, can be folded, curved and rolled like a paper, suitable for many shape application;
3. waterproof, fire retardant, durable, against dirty;
4. Small volume and light weight,easy installation and transportation;
5. Multipurpose function, suitable for various situation;
6. Easy connection and combination;
7. customized size and elegant shape.

for more info, please contact:


mail/ MSN: yuchao622@hotmail.com

skype: fisher201223

tel: 0086-18701325285


About flexible LED curtain display

here is Fisher Dakota in Shenzhen China, I'm an engineer for flexible LED curtain, soft LED display. we are researching, developing and marketing flexible LED curtain display product all over the world.
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