Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (15)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (9)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (7)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (13)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (4)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (5)
Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (6)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (3)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (10)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (8)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (11)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (12)
Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2mFlexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (2)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (14)Flexible_LED_Curtain_Display_P50_4x7.2m (1)

Customized Flexible LED Video Curtain Screen
Pitch: 50mm
size: 4m x7.2m
Protection level: IP65
pixels: RGB 5050 SMD LED
Taken by: Fisher Dakota
Place: the roof of Fisher Dakota’s factory
Shipping destination: Paraguay

contact info:
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About flexible LED curtain display

here is Fisher Dakota in Shenzhen China, I'm an engineer for flexible LED curtain, soft LED display. we are researching, developing and marketing flexible LED curtain display product all over the world.
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