The classification of the LED display, how to classify the LED display

1. the color can be divided into:

The single color display: single colors (red, green, and yellow, etc.).

Double colors screen: red and green double colors, level 256 gray, can display 65536 colors.

Full color displays: red, green, blue three colors, level 256 gray full color displays can show and more than one thousand six hundred kinds of color.

2. According to display device classification

LED digital display: display device for 7 bit code digital tube, and it is suitable for making the clock screen, interest rates , the electronic display screen and so on .

LED dot matrix display: display device is composed of many uniform of leds are composed of dot matrix display module, suitable for broadcast text and image information.

LED video screen: display device is composed by many leds, can show video and animation on various video files.

3. According to use circumstance classification

Indoor display: small shine point, general Φ 3 mm-Φ 8 mm, display area is general a few to ten square meters.

Semi outdoor screen: pixels in size between indoor and outdoor screen; Common in the bank, the store or hospital on the top.

Outdoor screen: area is general to several hundred square meters dozens of square meters, high brightness, can work in the sun, wind, rainproof, have waterproof function.

4. according to shine some distance between the diameter and classification:

Indoor screen (in diameter points) : Φ 3 mm, Φ 3.75 mm, Φ 5 mm.

Outdoor screen (by spacing points) : PH10, PH12, PH14, PH16, PH20, PH25, PH31.25, PH37.5……

5. According to application, material and shape, it can be divided into:

LED curtain wall screen, LED soft screen, LED the floor screen, LED stripe screen, LED cabinets screen (since electronic screens, traditional screen), ultra-thin LED screen, LED arc screen (since abnormity screen)

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